Riconoscimento e responsabilità

Il ruolo del progetto nel Community Land Trust di Bruxelles


  • Verena Lenna University IUAV of Venice, Department of Project Cultures


property, project, recognition, responsibility


A Community Land Trust is a non-profit corporation which makes possible and preserves the access to land as a resource for different kinds of needs and rights, from productive activities to housing. I argue the concept of property at the core of the CLT model is based on recognition as the reversal of exclusion: recognition of the subjects interested in the use of a given resource and hence concerned for its preservation. Recognition of their right and their capacity to take care of it and to govern it. Which role could have the project –at an urban and architectural scale- in making possible such a different approach to the ownership and the governance of resources? I will try to answer this question by referring to the CLT in Brussels, having contributed to the design process of one of their first projects.





Submitted Manuscript