Progettare l’integrazione

Lo spazio dell’incontro e dello scambio nel futuro delle città multiculturali


  • Manuela Raitano
  • Angela Fiorelli
  • Gloria Riggi


progettare, integrazione, incontro, multiculturalismo


The phenomenon of migratory flows constitutes an emergency in Europe. Architects, at the moment, are not directly involved in technical and institutional boards, while we know that the quality of urban spaces is crucial, since it is starting from space - and its conformation - that one can manage the interrelations between the individuals. Our cities must be ready to absorb the impact of migrants, accepting multiculturalism as a resource and not a threat. In addition to the places for the first aid, it is now essential to introduce also new architectural models, aimed at assistance and integration of migrants in the host communities. Starting from the assumption that the "right to the city" must be universally extended – and taking the Termini station area in Rome as a case-study – we tryed to prefigure new models for multifunctional buildings in which cultural pluralism can be developed, respecting and protecting each person's identity.