Translocality as Urban Design Tool for the Inclusive City

The Case of Europan


  • Socrates Stratis


Translocality, urban design, Europan, inclusive city


The notion of translocality can be a strategic design tool that forms specific relations between mobility and locality to enhance the inclusive city. The author argues that Europan, a 30-year-old biennial urban design competition platform for ideas and their implementation, has discreetly set the foundations to address collectively the European inclusive city. The article tackles two questions. The first one is what kind of mobility has an elevated degree of active agency in place co-production with locality? The second question is how territories could be prepared to become equal agents in place co-production? To become in other words, active hosts for place-making mobilities. The research methodology of this article is based on two tracks of inquiry. The first one is the examination of diaries, notes and articles produced by the author’s reflective practice thanks to his involvement in the Europan network. The second track is the examination of documents produced thanks to the reflective practice of Europan. The findings firstly show us the multiple facets of translocality present in Europan’s activities and winning projects that promote the inclusive city. Secondly, they help us to formulate a strategic framework by offering alternative futures for the European cities.