Integrating AI and Deep Learning within Design Practice Processes: XKool Technology

  • Edoardo Bruno
Keywords: deep learning, design practice, artificial intelligence


Wanyu He, CEO and founder of XKool Technology – a successful startup in Shenzhen – replies in an interview held in March 2019 to seven questions concerning innovation within design processes, especially considering how her company integrated the utilization of Artificial Technology and Deep Learning next to architectural practice.
Starting from their objective in freeing design force labor in doing repetitive jobs to the possibility of creating creative cloud networks, XKool Technology is aimed at thoroughly transforming the interaction between humans and design production, accelerating and innovating the methodology in producing spatial configurations.
In this new context, authorship acquires a new dimension, collective and fluid, where computational processes generate instant multiple design solutions open to discussion and validation.
However, this way in intending design needs a significant effort: a considerable data collection from the built environment, opening up a stage where sensing the city will be the next mandatory condition in “making transformation possible” letting transformation possible.