Superbonus competenze


  • Tommaso Listo Politecnico di Torino
  • Saskia Gribling



competenze, studio di architettura, pratica, interviste, superbonus


Aim of the paper is to situate the meaning of competence by outlining the relation between the architectural practice and the “Super Ecobonus”. This policy framework, introduced by the Italian government in 2020 and revised a number of times, provides fiscal incentives for buildings renovation aimed to energy-efficient adaptation and sustainability goals. Within such framework, a huge amount of efforts and job opportunities for many firms are converging on a national scale. The paper approaches Super Ecobonus as an indirect experiment for operationally defining competence: such peculiar contingency offers a frame of what competences are according to the actions done by architects confronted in their everyday practice with performing the tasks the norm requires.
Through a series of semi-structured interviews and their graphical organisation is presented a scenario of rather complex consequences brought by the regulatory constraints, diverging or integrating previous know-hows.
Finally, it concludes that, despite a context of high bureaucratic density and logistical and timing pressures, each of the practices defines its action along original paths.