Inclusive Disegno

From the Individual to Collective Competency


  • Patrick Hwang Cheng-Chun



Drawing Pedagogy, Tacit Knowledge, Design Collaboration


Horses gallop, birds fly, architects draw. Learning design through drawing has been, and continues to be, the most fundamental method of studying architecture. With drawing literacy in decline since the late 1990s, both supporters and skeptics have declared the “Death of Drawing”, pitting digital against hand drawing. Given this situation, what are the functions of architectural drawing today, particularly those that can enable learning? This article discusses a pedagogical method that aims to cultivate a student’s desire and competency to collaborate through an inclusive drawing process. This approach draws inspiration from a long history of precedents, from handscroll paintings of the Qing-dynasty to Modern experiments of “exquisite corpse,” the drawing game of “Dot-the-Dot” by the Texas Rangers, and the contemporary drawing practices of David Gersten, Carol Arches, and Momoyo Kaijima.