The new issue of Phenomenology and Mind has been published


We are very happy to announce that the new issue of Phenomenology and Mind  “Phenomenology, Axiology, and Metaethics” has been published. Congratulations to all authors and to the guest editors Andrea Cimino, Dermot Moran and Andrea Staiti!

You can download the issue in open access here.

Table of Contents

Andrea Cimino, Dermot Moran, Andrea Staiti, Introduction

Ingrid Vendrell Ferran, Emotions and Sentiments: Two Distinct Forms of Affective Intentionality

Nicola Spano, The Foundation of Evaluation and Volition on Cognition: A New Contribution to the Debate over Husserl’s Account of Objectifying and Non-objectifying Acts

Alexis Delamare, Are Emotions Valueceptions or Responses to Values? Husserl’s Phenomenology of Affectivity Reconsidered

Veniero Venier, Husserl and Non-Formal Ethics

Emanuele Caminada, Things, Goods, and Values: The Operative Function of Husserl’s Unitary Foundation in Scheler’s Axiology

Cristiano Vidali, The Experience of Value. The Influence of Scheler on Sartre’s Early Ethics

Paola Premoli De Marchi, The Axiology of Dietrich von Hildebrand. From Phenomenology to Metaphysics

Roberta Guccinelli, „Schatten der Irresponsivität“: Pathos ohne Response/Response ohne Pathos. Trauma, Widerstand und Schelers Begriff der seelischen Kausalität

Eugene Kelly, Review of Roberta de Monticelli’s Towards a Phenomenological Axiology