How to Design Housing for the Poor?

  • Petar Bojanić University of Belgrade, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory
Keywords: poverty, housing, urbanism, workers, the poor


In the second half of the 19th century, poverty is above all an urban problem. How do the first modern urban planners imagine the struggle against poverty, and can ‘wealth be in the service of the workers and the people’? Primarily using two Reports, John Locke’s 1697 The Report on the Poor and A Philosophical Review of Poverty (Wolff, Lamb, Zur-Szpiro) from 2015, I intend to explain and determine relative and absolute poverty, ghetto, the dark ghetto (Shelby), the suburbs, slums, ‘worker cities’ (Cités Ouvrières), the ‘social palace’, etc.

Solicited Manuscript